Motivate These

Submitted in fulfillment of the Motivational Poster design assignment located here. 3 stars. Story Do you make mistakes literally ALL THE TIME? Do you always get down on yourself because you’re terrible? Have you ever walked into a room and everyone stops laughing? Well, as Zig Ziglar may have said at some point The best […]

Sandbox Enterprises

Submitted in fulfillment of Simple but Detailed Logo design assignment located here. 4 stars. Story As a kid I used to love playing in the sandbox, where my imagination was the station in which the train of creation lived. Now, we’re bringing that to you! My name’s Ace Maverick, and today on Shark Tank we’re […]

Cubic Earth Society

Submitted in fulfillment of the Create a T-Shirt digital assignment located here. 2.5 stars. Story Alright, this one’s a true story. Admittedly I had already created this, but it was fairly recently. I’m a member of UMW’s Society of Physics Students (physics club), and a couple of us submitted different designs for our yearly t-shirt. […]

Basically a Movie

Submitted in fulfillment of Are We There Yet? design assignment located here. 3 stars. Story So, this one time, I saved a baby from a burning building and everyone thought I was great. I was minding my own business, just walking around Old Towne when I heard sirens in the distance. As the sirens got […]

Atlas Suggested

Submitted in fulfillment of the Tattoos that Describe you design assignment located here. 2.5 Stars Story + Process For this assignment, my story and process are pretty intertwined so they’re both here. My favorite book is either Atlas Shrugged or Cannery Row, depending on what mood I’m in. I won’t go into why Atlas Shrugged […]