Bad Guy

Submitted in fulfillment of Merging the Original Song with a Cover audio assignment located here. Story This is actually three songs. I’m not a fan of Billie Eilish’s music, but I am a fan of blink 182. I was rolling through my Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist and a blink song started playing that I’d never […]


Submitted in fulfillment of 80’s Product Radio Commercial audio assignment located here. 5 stars. Story The year was 1962. A company called Wallace and Tiernan patented a drug called Methaqualone to help treat insomnia. Not only did it treat insomnia, but it treated boredom. Later produced under the brand name Quaalude (took 5 tries to […]

A Benign Story of Inconvenience

Submitted in fulfillment of Story Time Fun Time audio assignment located here. 3.5 stars. Story So, most of the story is contained within the assignment, but I will say that its a true story I think is hilarious, and every time I have ever told it, it has killed. False. No one has ever thought […]