The Lonely Fire Hydrant

In this post I talk about my trip to go take a bunch of pictures. I’ve decided my favorite from this collection is this image From the DS106 Handbook I remembered reading one of the tips about trying to contrast not only different colors but different shapes, different ideas, etc. When I came across this […]

I don’t get art

Let’s start with a couple qualifiers. I love art, I just don’t understand it. This isn’t a position piece, it’s not an argument, it’s a discussion I’m having with myself (and hopefully you). I’ll probably contradict myself and that’s the point. I can think of statements about art I agree with that are opposite of […]

The Hand of Justice

Submitted in fulfillment of Chimeratic Composition visual assignment located here Story Not sure how libel works so I will just say, this is clearly all made up. Along with the bell tower and mold, the fountain is one of the iconic landmarks at the University of Mary Washington. Flanked on both sides by freshmen dorms, […]

Photo Parade

When we first got Assignment 2, which is all about visual storytelling (and of course, intertwining visual stories with other media) the first thing I did was read the instructions, because I can be a good student. Then, I decided to go out and start taking pictures of stuff. I didn’t have specific visual assignments […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.9.21

For today’s daily create, we were assigned to find an image that we think looks better in black and white than color. I chose an image I recently took at Fredericksburg National Cemetery. The image itself is interesting. I actually think the color image is beautifully lit – I love the vibrancy, I love the […]

The Majestic

Submitted in fulfillment of the My Favorite Lyric visual assignment located here Story This story has nothing to do with the other lyrics of the song, but it’s still a great song and included below. As a seed, the unborn tree clung to her mother as they survived a life of thrashing storms, buffeting wind, […]

Bob the Bug

Submitted in fulfillment of 4 Lines visual assignment located here Story This is Bob. Bob is a bug who spends his days in the sun, eating grass and making tiny bug poops. Bob’s mom was Barb, a caring and loving mother who always made sure Bob got to school on time and ate his aphids. […]

Bee Careful

Submitted in fulfillment of the Draw It visual assignment located here Story A background track is provided for this story below the photo. It was a warm summer afternoon, I was on a porch drinking a cool glass of lemonade feeling all was right with the world (before 2020 obviously). Colorful birds were singing me […]