I’ve Been Cancelled!

This is funny. After posting the tutorial video for my animated gif, I was informed by YouTube that it (tutorial video) was being removed. I was driving so I didn’t read past the subject line, but once I stopped and read the whole thing, it was removed for violating the sex and nudity policy. The […]

Citizen Stomach Pain

Submitted in fulfillment of Subtitle GIF animated GIF assignment located here. 3.5 stars. Story Charles Foster Pain was a man. He was a man who knew how to reach other men. As a young man he began publishing tabloids for a scandal-hungry audience of blue-collar folks. As he accumulated wealth he grew. His wealth grew, […]

Johnny America: The Hottest Patriot

Submitted in fulfillment of the A GIF in Time animated GIF assignment located here. 4 stars. Story Johnny America was just a red blooded New England boy, who loved root beer floats and getting absolutely wasted at Red Sox games. When not being totally badass, Johnny worked as a researcher for Machiavellian Chemical Enterprises where […]