Summary – Assignment 2

Whew! That one was a lot. Not a complaint, I got a lot out of it, I was just nervous there for a bit that I wouldn’t. All in all I think I did well with this, at least as far as the technical part. As far as site organization, I had done the menus, categories and tags during the previous assignment, though I’m still tinkering with things here and there (like the overarching Media menu). I also recolored my links because previously they were just a slightly darker black – now they’re lilac-ish. I’ve continued experimenting with additional plugins like the Simple Spoiler plugin I use in this Daily Create Journal. I’ve tried embedding other media, like this other Daily Create Journal, where I use Google Maps. I’ve played with things like scheduled tweets and posts. A big struggle I’ve been having is making sure to tag everything, and doing so correctly, and being consistent across similar posts (ie. I’m not tagging my Summaries as Reflections as well, because that’s implied). In this compressed course, we’re creating stuff so quickly that I’m afraid something important is going to get lost because of a missed tag. As far as the technical elements of the visual portion, I’ve been trying out different platforms and software (two based on the recommendation of a classmate) which I discuss in the relevant posts here, here, and here.

EDIT: Another issue I’m apparently having is keeping track of the moving pieces. It’s 7:35p on Saturday evening (due date night), I finished this summary at 4 and thought “done!” but didn’t realize I hadn’t submitted the URL until 6. Then forgot again, and hopefully won’t forget by the time I’m done writing this.

As far as the visual assignments, I am content with the effort I put in to them. Writing the stories was enjoyable more or less until the end when my brain started melting. Taking the photos themselves was really enjoyable – I’m a fan of parks. I feel limited though, because I’m not at my parents’ house or anywhere I can photograph people, and I get uncomfortable trying to photograph strangers, so my images are really all just nature.

As far as societal implications and stuff, this assignment has helped me better define some of my issues with art, which I discuss in this post. Ultimately I think the interpretation of a piece of art made to be a piece of art (like, I find well written programs and math proofs to be artistic) is purely the privilege of the individual, and professional critics, people who get to decide what I think is good, are conmen.

Before we get to the link dump, I wrote 11 blog posts, I made 8 original tweets with 5 “Response to OP” tweets, uploaded 20+ images to Flickr, 3 songs to SoundCloud, and 4 videos to YouTube. I wrote two responses on others’ blogs, and replied to one response on mine.

Link Dump


Blog Responses

Response on Digital Leviathan
Response on Our Digital Existence

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