The Majestic

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This story has nothing to do with the other lyrics of the song, but it’s still a great song and included below.

As a seed, the unborn tree clung to her mother as they survived a life of thrashing storms, buffeting wind, and all sorts of creatures that she knew were waiting for their chance to eat her. She and her mother withstood times of great thirst and drought, and times of drowning and floods. The seed was totally helpless except for her mother. Her mother was tall and strong, standing on the hill, stoically facing all the world could throw at her. The seedling remembered looking up at her mother on a clear night in summer, in the full light of a full moon and seeing her radiating majesty. Then, one day, the mother grew tired and the seed’s world changed. It was a mere gust of wind, but it must have caught her mother off guard because she lost her grip and dropped the seed which fell and fell and fell.

Over the next months, the seed was sorely used. She was eaten several times by different creatures, and each time she again saw the light, she was somewhere strange to her, somewhere she’d never seen from her perch in her mother’s arms. As she began to tire of her constant ingestion, she hid from the creatures, burying herself deep in the soil until one day, as darkness was closing in around her, she felt something strange. She felt the wind, but she felt it blowing through her, not on her. Over the next months and years the seed became a sapling as it began to grow, growing up and up and higher and higher until she was kissed by the clouds.

The seed who was a sapling was now a tree. A beautiful, strong, majestic tree, as her mother had been. She had her own seeds now, beautiful little babes, but she knew. She knew there would come a time when she became too tired and they would slip from her grasp as she had herself. For now, she would cherish the moment.

Visual Assignments – My Favorite Lyric


For this editing I, shockingly, did not use PowerPoint. Based off a recommendation by Stella Swope, I tried some new programs. I first tried Canva, which I have decided I do not care for. The second I tried was Pixlr, and that’s the program from which the final product came.

Step 1: Go to and make an account
Step 2: Select “Playful Pixlr”
Step 2
Step 3: Choose “Open Image”
Step 3
Step 4: Turn off “auto rotate”
Step 4
Step 5: Click “filter” icon
Step 5
Step 6: Choose filter, I used “Henry” because it just felt right
Step 6
Step 7: Choose “text” icon, and click “Add new text”
Step 7
Step 8: Enter text and play with settings, and save
Step 8

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