The Lonely Fire Hydrant

In this post I talk about my trip to go take a bunch of pictures. I’ve decided my favorite from this collection is this image


From the DS106 Handbook I remembered reading one of the tips about trying to contrast not only different colors but different shapes, different ideas, etc. When I came across this random ass fire hydrant in some overgrown field I thought it did just that. I took 10 different versions of this picture, and was trying to incorporate (sometimes without success) different tips from the handbook. I knew the lighting was crucial – I would have preferred the hydrant to be head-on, but that would have put the sun in front of the lens). I also tried to get the hydrant in the left third of the frame. Lastly, through the gross scrub there’s some kind of run down stadium, but I wanted the hydrant to be the only sign of humanity in the picture, so I tried to make sure I was policing my background correctly.

If I were looking at this picture as an audience, I may interpret this as the fallacy of creation as its clear nature is reclaiming the man-made thing. I could also interpret this as some highly ironic message, as the fire hydrant is being destroyed by the thing (nature) it was put in the field to preserve. Overall I’ve been struggling with the interpretive parts, which I discuss in this post.

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