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So. Yes. I know we were only required to watch two of the four Ira Glass videos, but I found him so compelling in the first one that I just plowed through all four. Jad Abumrad’s video however, while good information and interesting insight, just wasn’t as compelling so I only watched the short one, because that’s all I had to. I know this isn’t a “who wore it better” reflection, but in a different, more meta-y sense it totally is. I’ll come back to this, but I’ve got a riddle that I heard on CarTalk when I was probably 8:

A man comes to a small town to interview for a new job. Before the interview he decides to get his haircut and goes to the only barber shop in town. There are only two barbers that work there, and they both have open chairs. One barber’s workstation is cluttered and his hair’s a hot mess. The other barber’s workstation is nice and organized, his shoes are polished, and his hair is beautifully cut. Which chair does the man sit in?

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The man sits in the messy barber’s chair. He realizes that these are the only two barbers in town, so they must cut each other’s hair. Thus, the barber with the best haircut got it from the other barber, despite the fact his workstation is a wreck

Back to the reflection. So yeah, I think the one that can talk about telling a story in the most compelling way, is the better story teller, no matter their technical advice. As far as that advice does go, one line jumped out at me that I love, and have used a similar paradigm just in my general life.

Not enough gets said about the importance of abandoning crap

Ira Glass

The entirety of my thoughts on Ira’s sequence of videos is frankly too much for this post. The observation that the story is more important than the production, and stories are composed of anecdotes and reflections…Throughout this assignment period all these thoughts will come out, but for this reflection that’ll do it. I’ll leave you with a TED talk I love about creativity (not specifically storytelling):

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  • I absolutely loved Glass’s assessment about crap and how we have to abandon it or get through it. I feel like, as a creator, I often compare myself to people who have already been successful. I have to remember that these wildly successful people had to go through the same phase I’m going through. I also love the TED talk you linked. I think it’s really interesting to think about. I actually noticed this in myself before. I rarely fully procrastinate but I also attempt to plan ahead if I can. It was cool to see this thing I was feeling being talked about. I even see this in the course work I’m doing right now. Thank you for sharing this!

    • I typically do stuff way ahead of time (except this class, because there is no ahead of time), but after watching that TED talk, when its something I really want to be creative with like math proofs, I really space my work out to allow myself to mull it over.

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