My Opinion of Other Peoples’ Opinions

I’m going to start this post with a trick question: what is the point of the news (NBC, Fox, etc.)?

It’s not to report fair and truthful news, it’s not even to report fake news with an agenda, it’s ad revenue. The product that news media offers isn’t the content, it’s the audience. The same is true for influencers. They don’t make their money on playing games or having quirky reactions to things, they make their money because they can guarantee a large number of people will see or hear something a company will pay to have seen or heard (ie. an advertisement). I bring this up because I think people get lost in the “purpose” of things, when there’s a simple rule that anything you get for free, profits because they can provide you.

I worked in radio for a couple of years, and just wanna say that radio’s not about music, and Cartoon Network isn’t about Rick and Morty.

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