My Chat with Dr. Polack

I had read the syllabus, the assignment, parts of the handbook, but I was still confused at the differences between the types of assignments, so I had a video chat with our very own Dr. Polack. It was great and one of the big takeaways was that an assignment is a period of time in which we have to complete tasks, reflections and DC’s are some of those tasks, and the summary aggregates everything. Now, I’ve got a confession: prior to this course my online presence has been minimal – my secret shame. I’m actually thankful because there’s a character from a TV show that has my name, so if you google me, you’re likely to just get him. As such I had no clue how tags worked, and what the **** the difference between categories and tags was.

The takeaway is, I wanted to make sure I knew what was expected, and how to deliver that, and a quick zoom call (<7min) cleared it all up for me.

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