I’ve Been Cancelled!

This is funny. After posting the tutorial video for my animated gif, I was informed by YouTube that it (tutorial video) was being removed. I was driving so I didn’t read past the subject line, but once I stopped and read the whole thing, it was removed for violating the sex and nudity policy.

The reason I think it’s so hilarious, is that there is no sex nor nudity nor even any innuendo (unless YouTube has a dirtier mind than me and picked up something I didn’t mean), and my guess is that what happened is that YouTube has algorithms that sweep all uploaded video for inappropriate content, and they thought Orson Welles’ lips were a vagina lol.

Anyways, I have filed an appeal, I’ll let y’all know what they say.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Cancelled!

  • Henry, the same thing happened to me! I screen recorded myself editing a quote on to a photo and it was flagged for adult content. Granted, the photo was from the movie “Unpregnant” but there is nothing inappropriate about two girls singing Kelly Clarkson from the top of a limo. (Unless it was flagged for safety reasons but I doubt that.) To fix my problem fast so I could submit my assignment on time was tweet my editing video to twitter just so I could have a reliable link. I wanted to incorporate it with YouTube to add more of my different social media’s but I’m afraid YouTube might be a little too sensitive for us. Let me know what your solutions were!

    • Ahh, I like the idea of hosting it on twitter and then linking to that. My solution was to write an effusive blog post and hope for mercy. Still haven’t heard back on my appeal either lol

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