Goin’ on Safari

No. Not Safari like the browser – don’t worry.

For my photosafari, I chose to do it in my room. The benefits of this were that I had props, could control my lighting, and didn’t have to go out in the cold. More than all of these, I wanted to be able to look at my list on my laptop, and take pictures with my phone, and I ain’t takin’ my laptop to the park – I am quite clumsy and there are rocks there.

Overall it was a good time, though I focused more on trying to be clever with my responses than taking good photos. The cleverest of my responses was the one that’s just a head-on selfie. This is in response to “Metaphor for Complexity.” The picture is not actually a picture of my face, but of my eye. In math, a number is said to be complex if it is a multiple of the square root of -1. This value is also represented by ‘i’, hence the eye.

The cleverest photo I got is the one in response to “Inanimate Object Look Alive,” which is the Lego astronauts. For this I used gray and black undershirts to simulate the environment of the moon. This was probably my favorite, but the coffee cup and headphones in response to “Two Things that don’t go Together” would be a close second.

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