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and here we are! In this post I will walk you through my thought processes, technical instructions, and reflect (which is really just my thought process, I am a very narrative thinker) on my final assignment – The Tale of Ole Daublin.


We start with the story. The story of Daublin is not original to this assignment, though he is original to me. Before I came to UMW, I was part time at community college and worked full time managing a gas station. If you try, which I did, to do a good job at a gas station, it becomes the most mindless, muscle memory type job in the world. Even complaints and unique circumstances. I could tune out someone’s complaining, but based on the tone of their voice I knew how to fix it. There are only like, 8 things that go wrong at a gas station from “the bathroom is locked” to “someone’s jump-starting their car next to an active gas pump,” to “give me all your money,” and everything else is just a variation on those themes. Anyways, to stave off boredom I began writing poetry. I fantasize about publishing a book of my gas station poems called “Thank you, come again: thoughts and musings from the other side of the counter,” though I know I never will. In these poems I experimented with a bunch of different stuff from shot-for-shot remakes of Robert Frost, to whatever the hell def poetry is. One of the poems I wrote was a 16-verse nursery rhyme of a character called Daublin, and here we are. If you’ve ever read Lord of the Rings (not just the movies), there’s a character called Tom Bombadil that I love and Daublin was really just created as a royalty-free version of him, though I have made thrown in my own differences and made him my own. I have a conspiracy theory that explains the idea behind Daublin’s name, which I’ve written up here.

The tune I play here is the one I actually had in my head for the rhyme, though this is my first time trying to play it on anything. As far as the land of Tarminofel, that’s also not wholly original to this project, though the map is. I am an out-of-work dungeon master, and I’ve been mentally working on a story concept for two-ish years now, and Tarminofel is the geographic world I’ve created. In my DnD concept I had worked in Daublin as an enigmatic NPC (non-player character), so everything really just fit together with this project.


Some of these assignments are from the bank, and some are not. I’m not sure what the total star value would be, but I did put in what I consider to be a pretty good amount of work. Even the simple media of the recording was crazy involved, as you’ll see in the tutorial.

The Poster

By far the least challenging piece I created. It’s not the same as the Draw It visual assignment, but I used basically the exact same technique as I did for my submission. Original image source.

The Map

I was so excited for an excuse to finally do this. I had a mental concept for the map, but drawing it out has reinvigorated my desire to run this DnD campaign.

The Song

Oh my god this was way more complicated than I thought it’d be. If you’ve seen my other audio tutorials (here, here, and a little bit here), then you know I complain about the acoustics in my room a lottt. Now, I had tried going under my bed before which works, but it’s a pain in the ass. This is however the final project, so I went under my bed. And it was a pain in the ass.

The Movie

This is the only one I took unaltered from the assignment bank – Point of View. It also has its origins in my photo parade. The photo parade was an exercise I did to try and really get myself into the course early on. One of the places I visited was Alum Springs Park, and so when I wanted to find a forest with a stream, with no one around to see me acting weird, I knew where to go. The completed video also incorporates audio and design components as well. The entire process is in one video.

A quick note on the audio in this one: I strip out all the audio because there are constructions sounds and other non-natural noises. I then replace all the audio with samples of me walking on different materials and rivers and things like that. As far as the music, it is deliberately choppy. I was trying to think of what it’s like to have a song stuck in my head – I often jump around to different parts of the song in no particular order, and don’t really care. So it doesn’t sound great, but that’s kinda the point.

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