Daily Create Journal – 1.16.21

This’ll be kinda ranty – and its clearly all personal opinion. I hate euphemisms. Today’s daily create poses the question “What are some creative ways we can express our dismay or frustration without contributing to public gutter language?” I believe that a person wants to say “shut the fuck up,” (which I guess a lot of people like, because it is said to me all. the. time.) then they should. If they pull the punch and say “shut the front door,” then they are hiding behind a transparent wall. Own what you say dammit. If you euphemize stuff to protect the innocence of your children, you’re just teaching them to not own their own feelings. The ONE time its acceptable is if you simply like the sound of “shut the front door,” but if you tell me that and continue to use it in the “shut the fuck up” context, I’m going to believe you about as much as I believe things will be back to normal in six months.

The OTHER one that really gets (I promise, I’m almost done), is saying “we lost a loved one.” Where did you lose them? Have you contacted security?…no. They died. Respect their life by not watering down the end of it.

3 thoughts on “Daily Create Journal – 1.16.21

  • Oh my gosh. Dark topic alert. But when my mother died I heard a lot of “she’s in a better” place etc. I usually said “she died” but I was told it was more acceptable to say “she passed away”. The language around death is definitely full of euphemisms. I actually ignored this daily create today because I wasn’t very inspired by it. So I definitely feel you on this one.

    • Way to kill the mood Stella.

      I’m kidding obv. It’s so rare to find someone that is comfortable using “died,” I’m so very glad to have made your acquaintance.

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