Daily Create Journal – 1.6.21

For today’s daily create, we were instructed to take a picture of a daily image in our lives. There’s a hawk I named Greg that I see all the time out of my window, but he wasn’t there, and I can’t risk him not showing up. So plan B. There’s a subtle balance between showing the truth and not showing all my DnD books and dirty laundry piles, so I went with the entry way to my dorm room. We don’t have roommates during the pandemic, so I’ve got an extra desk. On it I’ve got this set of wooden nesting bowls where I can clean out my pockets when I come in (I hate having stuff in my pockets if I don’t need to). I’ve also got a lego, but that’s just because I like legos.

And just incase you were still curious about Greg, here he is sitting on a branch just outside Bushnell. You can kinda see the squirrel hiding on the other side of the tree trunk either playing peek-a-boo or making sure he’s not lunch – there’s just no telling.

Greg and Squirrel

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