Daily Create Journal – 1.5.21

TDC 1.5.21

So today we got to make a makeshift percussion instrument. As I was looking around my room I toyed with ideas, mostly involving dropping heavy text books from high places, but as I rely on the heavy text books heavily (you’re welcome), I decided against that. Instead I chose to take a water bottle I no longer use – I put chocolate milk in it once and it’s never been the same – and fill it with loose change, which is also relatively useless. I didn’t have as much loose change as I wanted, so I culled my keyring of all the keys that I have forgotten the initial use of, and used those to augment the change. I know how important “acoustics” are to music, though I’ve never known what people mean by that, so I sought out the place on campus with the most echoes which turns out is a parking garage. The rest you can see, is just magical.

I’m also working on a remix which I’ll throw up on Soundcloud if I can figure out how to make a remix. Baby steps y’all.

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