Character Conspiracy

Just gonna flex real quick

Alright, so I know that’s the nerdiest flex ever, but that’s my cumulative time spent listening to audiobooks since 2016. It’s about 1.5 hours per day for the last 5 years. Very curious how many days are in one of their months though.

So I “read” a lot. I actually hardcopy read too, but I only go through like, a book every two months. I don’t have the time, and audiobooks I can listen to while driving. I love reading Steinbeck and Simon Winchester, but prefer listening to biographies and fiction/fantasy. Within the fantasy world, I am a veteran of several series like The Wheel of Time and Stormlight Archives. I’m about to finish up Malazan, and Stormlight released their fourth book in November (2020) that I’ve not yet read. Regardless my dance card is pretty full. But I’ve developed a theory. It’s not always true, and sometimes its just downright wrong, but my theory is that

The most likeable, whimsical, and enigmatic characters all have names containing a D and an L.

If you haven’t read these series, then you’re missing out A) on my point, and 2) on some great reads. But let’s go through the list, organized by who I think are probably the most familiar.

The Hits:

The Misses:

  • Wit – Stormlight Archives

The Straight-up Wrongs

I’ll keep adding as I think of them. The Wheel of Time has 2782 characters and I assure you I can’t remember them all.

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