Bee Careful

Submitted in fulfillment of the Draw It visual assignment located here


A background track is provided for this story below the photo.

It was a warm summer afternoon, I was on a porch drinking a cool glass of lemonade feeling all was right with the world (before 2020 obviously). Colorful birds were singing me there songs of welcome and an amiable groundhog, as groundhogs tend to be, ambled by to say hello before moving along with his chores for the day when the cat for whom I was caring hopped down from somewhere overhead. As she rubbed the length of herself along my arm, she completed her rotation and dropped a dead vole into my lap. This was, of course, repulsive, but flattering in its own way. I find it hard to earn a cat’s trust in a short period of time, so this gesture of amicability was heartwarming.

As the sun lazily meandered across the sky, more of neighborhood creatures called on me, when a curious thing happened. I, as most sane adults do, tend to flinch at the sight of flying insects with tendencies to sting whosoever they please, but today I was languidly reveling in my repose and felt to befriend a small yellowjacket that was passing through. Perched atop my finger, he and I had a great conversation, the end of which he signaled by stinging me where he sat. Twas then that things started to get weird. The color began seeping from my eden as it became a grainy monochromatic maelstrom. Lines began blurring and changing until the world looked as if it were being hastily recreated from burnt charcoal. Having been to this scratched charcoal world before, I knew what I must do. I retrieved my knapsack from where I had so casually set it hours before and from it drew my pen of epi. As my hearing started to tunnel I jabbed the aforementioned remedy into my leg, with not but a moment to spare. The world realigned, recolored, and I returned to my reprieve.

Visual Assignments – Draw It
Visual Assignments – Background Music


A lot of this story is true, though I’m not allergic to bees and it never stung me, though I did befriend it. As such, the picture is one I already had that I took a few summers ago while on a back porch with a cat that gave me dead rodents as gifts. I know the assignment calls for a straight-up sketch image, but I thought a half-and-half fit better with the story, which I mage in PowerPoint. I use PP a lot, but I am trying to stretch my horizons, so I did make an attempt at “drawing it” with Gimp, but I just didn’t like the results (below). Another thing I tried was using the “image compare” block of Jetpack, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it a manageable size. Even when I tried to edit the HTML code I wasn’t able to get it how I liked it, so I just went with a static picture. Full tutorial (of the PowerPoint version) below.

As for the music, I recorded it in Audacity and uploaded to SoundCloud. I haven’t jumped into editing (and come on, I clearly don’t need it *rolls eyes*) but I have stationed pillows and towels around my computer to try and get better acoustics, whatever that means. I did do one recording under my bed which actually sounded great, but I kept messing up because I kept hitting my head so that track is not used. I went with the song Peer Gynt suite no. 1 by Edvard Greig. I would have like to use Flight of the Bumblebees, but I don’t know it, and teaching myself takes a lot of trial and error, which isn’t conducive to a dorm room.

Visual Assignments – Tutorial
Visual Assignments – Gimp Attempt

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