My Life in the ThinkLab

If you’ve never been, you should (after the pandemic). UMW’s ThinkLab is like Narnia: it’s magical, and the entryway is through a wardrobe. I mean, it’s not through a wardrobe, but it may as well be, it’s this tiny innocuous door in a corner of the library, but inside is UMW’s makerspace. I am a tutor there but frankly I feel like I should be paying them for the privilege. “Tutoring” means getting to hear about other people’s creative ideas and help make them come true, and when I’m not tutoring I get to make stuff for myself. My boss and I noticed a pattern of the types of projects I typically come up with for myself: I like to try some method or tool I’ve never used before, but then a few months later (it was a year+ in the case of the clock) I revisit the project, with whatever experiences I picked up from other projects in the interval.

Below are the projects I’ve completed, in chronological order of the first attempt…second attempts were whenever I was moved to try again. If you click through to Flickr there’s a little more information about the materials and skills involved.

Also, the images below are albums and should come up with arrows so you can flip through them here. If the arrows don’t come up which happens sometimes, you can just click the image and it’ll swing you away to the whole album on Flickr.

The sign:

ThinkLab Sign

The clock:


The inserts:

Board Game Organizer

The books: