Viking Fight

Submitted in fulfillment of Period Piece Mashup video assignment located here. 4 stars.


The year was a long time ago. The place, somewhere in Europe…really ay actor with a British accent can play any European nationality and it works for American television. Regardless, it was a long time ago in Europe. Armies from warring countries (again, in Europe) were invading each other like crazy. There was lots of killing and looting villages and stuff like that. Then a king was crowned and culture came back to the kingdom in Europe. There was dancing, and magic tricks, and everyone was having a good time, except the one guy. The one guy was getting laid non-stop but somehow he’s the victim. This is the story (or the preview for the story) of his revenge…and also getting laid.

The video itself is safe for work I promise; however, the source material is pretty spicy.

Also, thanks to a tip from Brittany on one of my posts, I have cross-posted the video to Twitter in case YouTube takes it down because the video is copyrighted – though the music is CC.


The source material was pulled from Netflix shows The Last Kingdom and Norsemen, both of which are phenomenal series. Aside from the normal challenges of mashing up different pieces (soundtracks don’t mix, not the same lighting and stuff), one of these shows is totally serious, and one is just complete satire. That’s why I chose them, because I thought it’d make for an interesting combo. I made a tutorial video for making the video itself, but the final product also required skills I got during the audio and visual assignments, so I’ve included the relevant (older) tutorial videos for them as well. I used Windows Video Editor for the video, PowerPoint for the title slides, and Audacity for sound editing.

For sources, the clips are promos for Netflix shows as I mentioned, the background music came from here, and the title slide image came from here.

Tutorial for video mashup
Using Audacity for some sound mixing
How to sketchify an image

4 thoughts on “Viking Fight

  • Henry, I LOVE THIS! Bravo friend, bravo. The Last Kingdom is one of my absolute favorite shows and a piece of my heart broke when I finished this last season. As soon as I saw what your video contained I was so excited. I haven’t seen Norsemen, but it is definitely going on my list now. Despite them being two different shows, it honestly seemed like one. Had someone not known you mixed two together, they probably wouldn’t have been able to tell. Very well done and I enjoyed the background music as well.

    Also, thank you for linking Brittany’s tip. I will definitely be using that trick as well.

  • I loved the song choice for the video. The visuals were very entertaining to watch, it makes me want to watch this show now.

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