Through the Eyes of Ebert

Submitted in fulfillment of the Ebert’s Analysis video assignment located here. 4 stars.


I chose this assignment because I really got a lot out of the How to Read a Movie article, which I talk about in this post

and I wanted to continue analyzing in the style of Ebert. I chose the movie The Favourite, not because I like the movie so much – its good, just not my favorite – but because I remember when I saw it, I had no clue what was going on the cinematography. It’s a period piece that uses fisheye lenses when feel just totally out of place. That said, after looking at it through Ebert’s eyes, I kinda figured out the purpose they serve (which they do really well). I talk about all that and a bit more in the following video.

And here’s the whole trailer. The more I watch it, the more I realize the deliberateness of the cinematography; when its tilted, when its straight, when they use fisheye, etc. And for fun trivia, Olivia Coleman has played two separate English monarchs, Anne and Elizabeth.


For this I used the free editor on my computer (Windows 10) called Video Editor. Reductive name I know…whatever, it does the job. I also used Audacity, which I relied on heavily during Assignment 4. I gloss over a lot of the Audacity tutorial bits, but below the tutorial for this video assignment is one of my older tutorials specifically for Audacity.

4 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of Ebert

  • You did an excellent job with explaining why you did choose this movie for this assignment. Also in your videos, you did a great job of not only narrating but applying your knowledge from the reading.

  • Hey Henry, I found your analysis quite fascinating on this topic. While I have never seen this movie the details you drew from the scene based on the reading made me genuinely interested in seeing more about this movie. Your narration was well done and you seemed to think thoughtfully about all aspects of the scene.

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