Sandbox Enterprises

Submitted in fulfillment of Simple but Detailed Logo design assignment located here. 4 stars.


Sandbox Enterprises

As a kid I used to love playing in the sandbox, where my imagination was the station in which the train of creation lived. Now, we’re bringing that to you! My name’s Ace Maverick, and today on Shark Tank we’re going to be pitching a new tech startup that does tech stuff, called Sandbox Enterprises! You’ll see me use words like “moneys” and “customers” to blow the sharks’ minds! I’ve even got a skit, plus a curveball that I think will really seal the deal (I brought donuts!). I just know they’ll see this investment for the incredible opportunity it is. I’m asking for a $750,000 investment for a 6% share.

3.5 minutes later:



This process video is long. Like, 22 minutes (EDIT: I had to trim it below 15 to get a YouTube upload). And I don’t even tell any jokes. Like I say in the video (where I warn you it’ll be a long one), I recorded the whole thing, because I think with design specifically, the process is more than just the technical stuff (how to increase font size), but the actual thought process. I go over a lot (really only like 4) of Massimo Vignelli’s principles (reflected up here) and talk about use of space ratios, grids, and colors. The assignment says “simple but detailed” and while my final product looks super simple, the details are in the things you cannot see.

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  • Henry, I thought your design and company is very interesting! I liked the GIF you added! I would say maybe explain your design a little more, it makes sense that it is supposed to look like a sandbox but maybe explain it into a little further detail. Like why did you chose the colors? Why did you make the little box inside the other box? Just stuff like this will help your audience get a better understanding of who you are and what you are like.

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