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Submitted in fulfillment of the Motivational Poster design assignment located here. 3 stars.


Do you make mistakes literally ALL THE TIME? Do you always get down on yourself because you’re terrible? Have you ever walked into a room and everyone stops laughing? Well, as Zig Ziglar may have said at some point

The best way to beat them, is by winning

Probably no one

Don’t get down when you make a mistake, just make sure your mistake is less mistake-y than everyone elses’. Keep in mind that success is relative, and all you need to succeed is to beat your competition, even if that means breaking into their homes to set their clocks backwards so they’re late for the big sales pitch. Always remember

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be better than everyone else

Henry Mills



The process on this one was crazy simple. There are a bunch of web services that do this, just remember that the big green “Start” button is an ad. Background image source.

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