Johnny America: The Hottest Patriot

Submitted in fulfillment of the A GIF in Time animated GIF assignment located here. 4 stars.


Johnny America was just a red blooded New England boy, who loved root beer floats and getting absolutely wasted at Red Sox games. When not being totally badass, Johnny worked as a researcher for Machiavellian Chemical Enterprises where they were experimenting with new and exciting things for the military to drop on people. Johnny was all set to demonstrate the newest napalm, version Mk-Ultra, to the joint chiefs – he got up early, ate his bagel and drank his orange juice, and put an absurd amount of product in his hair. When it came time to ignite the new weapon, Johnny’s hair product vaporized, causing a giant chemical fireball. When the conflagration cleared, Johnny was nowhere to be seen.

Months later, Johnny mysteriously showed back up at his job. It was a weird time, their was about to be war, and a vigilante wreathed in flame had shown up serving up tough justice. Soon the war raged so badly that Johnny America found himself drafted and shipped off to the jungle.

Johnny quickly rose through the ranks, and thanks to a phenomenal skin care routine, managed to remain looking the exact same age for decades. One day he ran into one of his old military intelligence buddies who said he had invented a time machine. Skeptical, Johnny went to see it in action, but he wasn’t prepared for what came out; or rather, who came out…

In case you’re wondering, here are 20 actors that have played dual roles in Marvel, number 3 will shock you!


For this I used premade GIFs and the website Ezgif. Links to my GIF sources are Johnny Storm and Captain America. Full instructional video here

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