Cubic Earth Society

Submitted in fulfillment of the Create a T-Shirt digital assignment located here. 2.5 stars.


Alright, this one’s a true story. Admittedly I had already created this, but it was fairly recently. I’m a member of UMW’s Society of Physics Students (physics club), and a couple of us submitted different designs for our yearly t-shirt. Originally I wanted my design to be a flat-earther type of thing, because I’m a fan of irony. As I was working on that design though, I wasn’t able to get a look I liked. The other officers (oh, I’m vice-president) joked that I should do cubic earth instead. So I did. And it won. And now physics club t-shirts say Cubic Earth Society.

Cubic Earth Society

We ordered and received these back in December (Rush Order Tees).

Cubic Earth Shirt

Cubic Earth ShirtFront logo designed by Drake Richmond

Now here’s the kicker. We found out after the fact that Plato believed the world was made of cubes, and it has recently been mathematically confirmed. Lol right?


Like I said in the description, I did not design the front logo, so I can’t speak to that one. The main logo however, I used an image of a map and Blender.

To add the words you simply drag the image you just made into PowerPoint, and click “Insert>Text Box” and write whatever you want. You drag the words around until you have your design, select everything and right-click and then click “Save as Picture.” From there go to the Rush Order Tees website, choose your product, upload your image, and start accepting orders!

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