Citizen Stomach Pain

Submitted in fulfillment of Subtitle GIF animated GIF assignment located here. 3.5 stars.


Charles Foster Pain was a man. He was a man who knew how to reach other men. As a young man he began publishing tabloids for a scandal-hungry audience of blue-collar folks. As he accumulated wealth he grew. His wealth grew, his holdings grew, but most disastrously, his ego grew. With the world in his hand he began to indulge himself at the cost of others. He was a kingmaker and a life taker. He built for himself a modest little castle on the coast of California where his lascivious ways and irresponsible eating habits could flourish unabated. As he grew in age, he grew in insatiability, not succumbing to the same burdens of time as mere mortals. At last, one evening, among dozens of revelers, he had wayyy too much pound cake and RC cola. Over the next weeks he was unable to get out of bed, wretched with stomach pain – his organs finally mutinying against their master. On some day during some year, Charles F. Pain died, which we knew already.

If you like Citizen Kane, which is hard to believe – it’s technically great but it feels like its 4 hours long. I digress. If you like it, you should check out Gary Oldman’s new movie “Mank,” it’s about the other writer of the movie and it’s a really interesting movie despite having pretty overt socialist themes. But Gary Oldman is just an awesome actor.


This uses the same platform I used to tell the story of Johnny AmericaEzgif. This time however I do start with an MP4, turn that into a gif, then add text (all using Ezgif). The one thing that I deliberately won’t show is how I got the video clip…it’s not hard to figure out, but isn’t something I’m sure I should display.

EDIT: This one was interesting. I got a notice (which I’ve appealed) that my tutorial video had been taken down for violating YouTube’s restrictions. It’s been appealed, and I talk about the whole thing here. If my guess is right…then it’s hilarious.

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