Basically a Movie

Submitted in fulfillment of Are We There Yet? design assignment located here. 3 stars.


So, this one time, I saved a baby from a burning building and everyone thought I was great.


I was minding my own business, just walking around Old Towne when I heard sirens in the distance. As the sirens got louder and louder I could start to see the lights of the firetruck parade. Only it was no parade. It was at least a thousand firetrucks speeding towards some fire. I quickly commandeered some kid’s scooter and yanked off the handle. Riding it like a skateboard, my stunt double grabbed the comically flailing hose from the last firetruck. He then rode it all the way to the old McGuffin place that was up in flames. Thinking quickly, with an exaggerated look on my face, my other stunt double ran into the burning building. I was seen a few times until one of the rafters shattered above me, and then all anyone could see were the concerned faces on the onlookers outside. After a few overly tense moments, one of the people’s eyes went wide and they shouted “look!” Everyone looked up and you could slowly see me walking through a billowing cloud of smoke in slow motion. At this point the fire chief slowly took off his helmet and said to himself “well, I’ll be damned.” I was curled over something I was carrying and I went up to a clearly grieving woman and said “I believe this is yours ma’am,” as I handed her a small child covered in soot. She asked me what she could do to thank and me, and I said “no need, ma’am” and turned and walked away.

There was a considerable amount of inspiration for this story.


I’ve used this process before here, but made another video that’s more concise. Using PowerPoint.

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