Atlas Suggested

Submitted in fulfillment of the Tattoos that Describe you design assignment located here. 2.5 Stars

Story + Process

For this assignment, my story and process are pretty intertwined so they’re both here.

My favorite book is either Atlas Shrugged or Cannery Row, depending on what mood I’m in. I won’t go into why Atlas Shrugged is amazing because its highly political and the internet is no place for that, but it’s great. As far as the best book I’ve ever read? Atlas Shrugged isn’t close – there’s one chunk of book about two-thirds through where every time a character opens their mouth they don’t shutup for like 20 pages and its awful. So, I’ve always wanted some type of Atlas Shrugged tattoo.

I have a few tattoos already, all of which I designed myself, all of which I love, and none of which could possibly be considered good. I also gave them all to myself using the stick-and-poke technique (“technique” seems like too elegant a word for this…maybe like, “the cheap way”). If you’re unfamiliar with it, you need a needle and india ink, and then its just dip, poke, dip, poke. You can speed up the process by wrapping a little bit of thread near the tip of the needle which will absorb ink and act as sort of a well so you don’t have to dip every poke. Anyways, a massive limitation is that stick-and-pokes can’t be too fancy because the method itself is totally imprecise, so the design has to be simple with a lot of empty space between lines (they wind up running together if the detail is too fine). So I came up with this…

Tattoo Concept

The triangle is Atlas and the circle is the globe. I used the “Impossible Triangle,” because its fun to look at and gives me kind of an ethereal sense when I start thinking about stuff like hyper-cubes and 4D objects. I was tempted to put something in the circle, but like the somewhat noise-less version. This is a sketch, not an image, so no digital graphic design was necessary. I may give myself this tattoo soon (this isn’t the first time I’ve thought of this design), but I have switched my page logo to this design. So that’s cool.

Just, while we’re on the subject of Atlas Shrugged, design, sketching, and all that, here are a few pictures of a copy of AS that I leatherbound in the ThinkLab. If you’d like to read more about my other projects there, I wrote about it here. (I know the white background is dumb, but I was photographing a bunch of my projects and wanted them to have a consistent background :/)

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