Submitted in fulfillment of 80’s Product Radio Commercial audio assignment located here. 5 stars.


The year was 1962. A company called Wallace and Tiernan patented a drug called Methaqualone to help treat insomnia. Not only did it treat insomnia, but it treated boredom. Later produced under the brand name Quaalude (took 5 tries to get that spelling), the drug became a big hit, getting invited to all the cool parties. Disco Biscuits, as they would come to be known, were super awesome in the 70’s, and its reasonable to believe they still had a foothold in the 80’s. This is their story.

Disco Biscuits (the band)


I just used the same process I did for my Story Time Fun Time, though there was more wikipedia reading for this one. And I got to listen to a jam band – not my normal style of music, but I’ve seen em live so I wanted to give em a plug.

Background music source

5 thoughts on “Q-mercial

  • Well done. Immediately I think of the background layer and its rhetoric. It’s upbeat, it’s cheery, low-threat, etc. AND THEN YOU SUGGEST I TAKE A VERY SERIOUS DRUG. Lol. Now, I get that that’s your intention and you’re performing a satire but I can’t help but think of prescription drug commercials. They use the same audio storytelling technique! Very interesting how music affects rhetoric. I’ll take two quaaludes please.

  • Awesome job with the happy tune and drug sale! The echo in your speaking portions can be distracting maybe put down more carpet or hide with a mask. When you stated you were doing an old-timey ad for meds I was thinking a grainy/static filled voice from one of those really old radios. So if you can’t fix it then hide it with an effect. I also really liked the way you explained the use of audacity when adding in sounds, it is more well explained than anything I have done.

    • Yeah, I’m in a dorm so it’s tough to get decent acoustics (basically a small, square room with no sound absorption). I’ve been experimenting with things like putting towels around me…frankly the best I’ve gotten is when I go under my bed and record, but that’s got its own drawbacks because I’m on my side and its tough to speak lol.

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