Bad Guy

Submitted in fulfillment of Merging the Original Song with a Cover audio assignment located here.


This is actually three songs. I’m not a fan of Billie Eilish’s music, but I am a fan of blink 182. I was rolling through my Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist and a blink song started playing that I’d never heard. As I was driving in stop and go traffic, I looked at my phone and saw that it was in fact NOT a blink 182 song, but some random band I’d never heard of. Doing a lengthy and highly irresponsible internet search, I discovered that it was a cover of a Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy (song) performed in the style of blink 182 by new.wav (band name). Here I have merged those two, while also using some actual blink 182 riffs from Going Away to College.



I used a lot of the same processes as I did in my Story Time Fun Time submission, but I went ahead and made a new tutorial video, because mixing music required a different mindset than mixing sounds (like…things have to be in the same key…which I don’t know what that is). I also don’t show how to get the mp3 files, because I am confident that will get removed from YouTube.

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