Favorite Movies

This isn’t affiliated with assignments or anything, but through high school I collected movies, and was a pretentious self-styled expert. I know how wrong that is NOW, but I was weird in high school (I’m the only one, I know). I also don’t watch a ton of movies now because I don’t have the patience, and haven’t seen any of the Marvel movies later than Iron Man 2. But, I wanted to share some of my favorites. Note that there is a BIG difference between “favorite” and “best.” Favorite is purely emotional, and while they’re often cinematically well done, it doesn’t mean they’re the best. I also present these in no particular order, because the order will change based on critical factors like my mood, barometric pressure, and what I ate for lunch yesterday. The list

The List

The Impossible

Stars Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts and shows a tourist family in Sri Lanka when they got smashed with the tsunami. Incredible movie.

Kingdom of War

I think it’s Thai, but it shows the life of King Naresuan, a real person that helped free Siam from Burma like a billion years ago. It’s a beautiful series (2 parts) that’s just so well produced.

All Lords of the Ring

Y’all probably know these. Return of the King is one of three movies ever to win 11 academy awards. That’s what scientists refer to as a “shitload”

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wall to wall quirk, but supremely acted and shot. It’s weird.

The Shining

This used to come on one of the movie channels late at night, and every time I watched it I could get a little farther into it before I had to turn it off.

The Grand Illusion

All in French, but I have never seen more 3-dimensional characters ever.


Probably the least “good” movie, but one of my favorites. Road trip movie about 4 guys trying to steal a copy of Star Wars Ep. 1 so their friend can see it before he dies of cancer.

Blade Runner

2049 doesn’t deserve to be a Blade Runner. Change my mind.


Japanese flick by Kurosawa. Based on Shakespeare’s King Lear, but in feudal Japan. One of the most beautiful movies you will ever see.

Reservoir Dogs

This. Shot with zero budget using a story-telling technique called a McGuffin, where the entire story revolves around something you never see.