Summary – Final Assignment

Wow. That was an intense three weeks. Some parts were incredibly rewarding, some were severely tedious. Let’s start with links to my final assignment, and my final assignment tutorial and reflection. And now to my final reflections. I struggled to figure out how to best format this summary. My mind tells me to give a […]

Reading Movies, Like Watching Movies with your Brain

Wow, that was a great read. In his article, Roger Ebert talks about the technical aspects of cinematography, which I found incredibly insightful. His notion (not his originally, but he relies on it heavily) of “intrinsic weighting,” has brilliant insights into how the cinematography contributes (or detracts) from the story itself. The idea that the […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.16.21

This’ll be kinda ranty – and its clearly all personal opinion. I hate euphemisms. Today’s daily create poses the question “What are some creative ways we can express our dismay or frustration without contributing to public gutter language?” I believe that a person wants to say “shut the fuck up,” (which I guess a lot […]

TED Backwards, are the First Three Letters of Detective

TED backwards, are the first three letters of detective. I think I’m onto something with that one: the entirety of radio broadcasting is a conspiracy. There’s is zero evidence to support this claim, other than I listened to Detective Stories and an intro to TED talk, but that’s probably enough for someone to believe it. […]

I’ve Been Cancelled!

This is funny. After posting the tutorial video for my animated gif, I was informed by YouTube that it (tutorial video) was being removed. I was driving so I didn’t read past the subject line, but once I stopped and read the whole thing, it was removed for violating the sex and nudity policy. The […]