The Tale of Ole Daublin

Long ago, in another world, there was a continent called Tarminofel. Tarminofel was divided into five provinces – The Harvest, The Hunt, The Harbor, The Dig, and The Home. The Home served as the capital, although the provinces were generally friendly and self-stable. The Dig was nestled in the Lont Mountains to the west, from […]

Viking Fight

Submitted in fulfillment of Period Piece Mashup video assignment located here. 4 stars. Story The year was a long time ago. The place, somewhere in Europe…really ay actor with a British accent can play any European nationality and it works for American television. Regardless, it was a long time ago in Europe. Armies from warring […]

Through the Eyes of Ebert

Submitted in fulfillment of the Ebert’s Analysis video assignment located here. 4 stars. Story I chose this assignment because I really got a lot out of the How to Read a Movie article, which I talk about in this post and I wanted to continue analyzing in the style of Ebert. I chose the movie […]

I’ve Been Cancelled!

This is funny. After posting the tutorial video for my animated gif, I was informed by YouTube that it (tutorial video) was being removed. I was driving so I didn’t read past the subject line, but once I stopped and read the whole thing, it was removed for violating the sex and nudity policy. The […]

Bob the Bug

Submitted in fulfillment of 4 Lines visual assignment located here Story This is Bob. Bob is a bug who spends his days in the sun, eating grass and making tiny bug poops. Bob’s mom was Barb, a caring and loving mother who always made sure Bob got to school on time and ate his aphids. […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.5.21

So today we got to make a makeshift percussion instrument. As I was looking around my room I toyed with ideas, mostly involving dropping heavy text books from high places, but as I rely on the heavy text books heavily (you’re welcome), I decided against that. Instead I chose to take a water bottle I […]