The Tale of Ole Daublin

Long ago, in another world, there was a continent called Tarminofel. Tarminofel was divided into five provinces – The Harvest, The Hunt, The Harbor, The Dig, and The Home. The Home served as the capital, although the provinces were generally friendly and self-stable. The Dig was nestled in the Lont Mountains to the west, from […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.17.21

For today’s daily create we had to make like, an inspirational quote poster, using random words. I chose something very near to me. Like, physically near. And relatable. Mood. I used this site. There are a ton of those ads that look like they’re part of the interface…so….watch out.

Daily Create Journal – 1.16.21

This’ll be kinda ranty – and its clearly all personal opinion. I hate euphemisms. Today’s daily create poses the question “What are some creative ways we can express our dismay or frustration without contributing to public gutter language?” I believe that a person wants to say “shut the fuck up,” (which I guess a lot […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.13.21

You guys, hockey’s back! Once the pandemic hit (did you know there’s a pandemic right now?), the NHL killed the regular season, had a cluster of a post-season, and the new season which would normally begin in October, begins (wait for it) today. In celebration of this fact, my daily create – for which I […]

I’ve Been Cancelled!

This is funny. After posting the tutorial video for my animated gif, I was informed by YouTube that it (tutorial video) was being removed. I was driving so I didn’t read past the subject line, but once I stopped and read the whole thing, it was removed for violating the sex and nudity policy. The […]

Citizen Stomach Pain

Submitted in fulfillment of Subtitle GIF animated GIF assignment located here. 3.5 stars. Story Charles Foster Pain was a man. He was a man who knew how to reach other men. As a young man he began publishing tabloids for a scandal-hungry audience of blue-collar folks. As he accumulated wealth he grew. His wealth grew, […]

Johnny America: The Hottest Patriot

Submitted in fulfillment of the A GIF in Time animated GIF assignment located here. 4 stars. Story Johnny America was just a red blooded New England boy, who loved root beer floats and getting absolutely wasted at Red Sox games. When not being totally badass, Johnny worked as a researcher for Machiavellian Chemical Enterprises where […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.12.21

For today’s daily create, we got to use weavesilk to make something. This platform was fascinating, and I admit, I got kinda carried away playing with the different symmetries and everything. Wound up going with only 6-sided, because a hexagon has really cool symmetric properties that I work with a lot (think honeycombs).

Motivate These

Submitted in fulfillment of the Motivational Poster design assignment located here. 3 stars. Story Do you make mistakes literally ALL THE TIME? Do you always get down on yourself because you’re terrible? Have you ever walked into a room and everyone stops laughing? Well, as Zig Ziglar may have said at some point The best […]

Sandbox Enterprises

Submitted in fulfillment of Simple but Detailed Logo design assignment located here. 4 stars. Story As a kid I used to love playing in the sandbox, where my imagination was the station in which the train of creation lived. Now, we’re bringing that to you! My name’s Ace Maverick, and today on Shark Tank we’re […]