The Tale of Ole Daublin

Long ago, in another world, there was a continent called Tarminofel. Tarminofel was divided into five provinces – The Harvest, The Hunt, The Harbor, The Dig, and The Home. The Home served as the capital, although the provinces were generally friendly and self-stable. The Dig was nestled in the Lont Mountains to the west, from […]

Bad Guy

Submitted in fulfillment of Merging the Original Song with a Cover audio assignment located here. Story This is actually three songs. I’m not a fan of Billie Eilish’s music, but I am a fan of blink 182. I was rolling through my Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist and a blink song started playing that I’d never […]


Submitted in fulfillment of 80’s Product Radio Commercial audio assignment located here. 5 stars. Story The year was 1962. A company called Wallace and Tiernan patented a drug called Methaqualone to help treat insomnia. Not only did it treat insomnia, but it treated boredom. Later produced under the brand name Quaalude (took 5 tries to […]

A Benign Story of Inconvenience

Submitted in fulfillment of Story Time Fun Time audio assignment located here. 3.5 stars. Story So, most of the story is contained within the assignment, but I will say that its a true story I think is hilarious, and every time I have ever told it, it has killed. False. No one has ever thought […]

TED Backwards, are the First Three Letters of Detective

TED backwards, are the first three letters of detective. I think I’m onto something with that one: the entirety of radio broadcasting is a conspiracy. There’s is zero evidence to support this claim, other than I listened to Detective Stories and an intro to TED talk, but that’s probably enough for someone to believe it. […]

The Hand of Justice

Submitted in fulfillment of Chimeratic Composition visual assignment located here Story Not sure how libel works so I will just say, this is clearly all made up. Along with the bell tower and mold, the fountain is one of the iconic landmarks at the University of Mary Washington. Flanked on both sides by freshmen dorms, […]

Bee Careful

Submitted in fulfillment of the Draw It visual assignment located here Story A background track is provided for this story below the photo. It was a warm summer afternoon, I was on a porch drinking a cool glass of lemonade feeling all was right with the world (before 2020 obviously). Colorful birds were singing me […]

I Came Upon a Unicorn

Submitted in fulfillment of Splash the Color visual assignment located here Story While you’re reading, you can enjoy (or more likely not) me playing Colors of the Wind on the recorder (embedded below the photo). I chose this to play because it has the word “Colors” in the title…the selection criteria is very stringent. I […]