The Tale of Ole Daublin

Long ago, in another world, there was a continent called Tarminofel. Tarminofel was divided into five provinces – The Harvest, The Hunt, The Harbor, The Dig, and The Home. The Home served as the capital, although the provinces were generally friendly and self-stable. The Dig was nestled in the Lont Mountains to the west, from […]

Viking Fight

Submitted in fulfillment of Period Piece Mashup video assignment located here. 4 stars. Story The year was a long time ago. The place, somewhere in Europe…really ay actor with a British accent can play any European nationality and it works for American television. Regardless, it was a long time ago in Europe. Armies from warring […]

Through the Eyes of Ebert

Submitted in fulfillment of the Ebert’s Analysis video assignment located here. 4 stars. Story I chose this assignment because I really got a lot out of the How to Read a Movie article, which I talk about in this post and I wanted to continue analyzing in the style of Ebert. I chose the movie […]


Submitted in fulfillment of 80’s Product Radio Commercial audio assignment located here. 5 stars. Story The year was 1962. A company called Wallace and Tiernan patented a drug called Methaqualone to help treat insomnia. Not only did it treat insomnia, but it treated boredom. Later produced under the brand name Quaalude (took 5 tries to […]

A Benign Story of Inconvenience

Submitted in fulfillment of Story Time Fun Time audio assignment located here. 3.5 stars. Story So, most of the story is contained within the assignment, but I will say that its a true story I think is hilarious, and every time I have ever told it, it has killed. False. No one has ever thought […]

Citizen Stomach Pain

Submitted in fulfillment of Subtitle GIF animated GIF assignment located here. 3.5 stars. Story Charles Foster Pain was a man. He was a man who knew how to reach other men. As a young man he began publishing tabloids for a scandal-hungry audience of blue-collar folks. As he accumulated wealth he grew. His wealth grew, […]

Johnny America: The Hottest Patriot

Submitted in fulfillment of the A GIF in Time animated GIF assignment located here. 4 stars. Story Johnny America was just a red blooded New England boy, who loved root beer floats and getting absolutely wasted at Red Sox games. When not being totally badass, Johnny worked as a researcher for Machiavellian Chemical Enterprises where […]

Motivate These

Submitted in fulfillment of the Motivational Poster design assignment located here. 3 stars. Story Do you make mistakes literally ALL THE TIME? Do you always get down on yourself because you’re terrible? Have you ever walked into a room and everyone stops laughing? Well, as Zig Ziglar may have said at some point The best […]

Sandbox Enterprises

Submitted in fulfillment of Simple but Detailed Logo design assignment located here. 4 stars. Story As a kid I used to love playing in the sandbox, where my imagination was the station in which the train of creation lived. Now, we’re bringing that to you! My name’s Ace Maverick, and today on Shark Tank we’re […]

Cubic Earth Society

Submitted in fulfillment of the Create a T-Shirt digital assignment located here. 2.5 stars. Story Alright, this one’s a true story. Admittedly I had already created this, but it was fairly recently. I’m a member of UMW’s Society of Physics Students (physics club), and a couple of us submitted different designs for our yearly t-shirt. […]