Daily Create Journal – 1.17.21

For today’s daily create we had to make like, an inspirational quote poster, using random words. I chose something very near to me. Like, physically near. And relatable. Mood. I used this site. There are a ton of those ads that look like they’re part of the interface…so….watch out.

Daily Create Journal – 1.16.21

This’ll be kinda ranty – and its clearly all personal opinion. I hate euphemisms. Today’s daily create poses the question “What are some creative ways we can express our dismay or frustration without contributing to public gutter language?” I believe that a person wants to say “shut the fuck up,” (which I guess a lot […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.14.21

Schillings: But sire, thou commanded me to bring thy dinner! Waterby: Dammit schillings I commanded thou bring me mine supper not dinner! Schillings: They are the same thing, are they not sire? Waterby: They are for peasants thou rank clay-brained flap-dragon! Just for context, we had to use a Shakespearean insult generator and work the […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.13.21

You guys, hockey’s back! Once the pandemic hit (did you know there’s a pandemic right now?), the NHL killed the regular season, had a cluster of a post-season, and the new season which would normally begin in October, begins (wait for it) today. In celebration of this fact, my daily create – for which I […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.12.21

For today’s daily create, we got to use weavesilk to make something. This platform was fascinating, and I admit, I got kinda carried away playing with the different symmetries and everything. Wound up going with only 6-sided, because a hexagon has really cool symmetric properties that I work with a lot (think honeycombs).

Daily Create Journal – 1.11.21

So, I’m not doing today’s daily create – or rather, I’m not submitting it. The task is to read a nursery rhyme in a snobby voice. I did this trying to use Malcolm McDowell’s voice, and I hate the outcome. I’m not sure what future daily creates are and this is probably something I’ll have […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.10.21

Not gonna lie. This one gave me trouble. We were assigned to take a picture of something in motion with a blurry background. Easy. Except I apparently lack the coordination required to do so. I tried waving stuff, and rolling stuff and throwing stuff, then I decided to take a break. It’s a nice day […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.9.21

For today’s daily create, we were assigned to find an image that we think looks better in black and white than color. I chose an image I recently took at Fredericksburg National Cemetery. The image itself is interesting. I actually think the color image is beautifully lit – I love the vibrancy, I love the […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.8.21

For today’s daily create, we were instructed to take a picture of a repeating pattern. I am a huge fan of board games, so I took pieces from one of my favorite games called Root, and arranged them in a specific order, shown in the tweet below. As the tweet says, I made this with […]

Daily Create Journal – 1.6.21

For today’s daily create, we were instructed to take a picture of a daily image in our lives. There’s a hawk I named Greg that I see all the time out of my window, but he wasn’t there, and I can’t risk him not showing up. So plan B. There’s a subtle balance between showing […]