Daily Create Journal – 1.8.21

For today’s daily create, we were instructed to take a picture of a repeating pattern. I am a huge fan of board games, so I took pieces from one of my favorite games called Root, and arranged them in a specific order, shown in the tweet below.

TDC – Twitter

As the tweet says, I made this with four distinct repeating patterns in it and gave the clue that the first pattern is that the sequence alternates between high and low or up and down or whatever it is. I ran out of pieces but the pattern can go on forever (if you know math, think of a sinusoidal pattern). Now, if you’ve tried and want to see if we got the same patterns (or you just don’t care, I get it) you can check below.

Click for answers
The number of animals follow the fibonacci sequence, the mice (green) and otters (teal) switch sides at each iteration, and the background is just a pattern of circles and the company logo, hiding in plain sight.

Now, if you notice a pattern that I did not, PLEASE let me know – patterns are not my forte and I’m trying to get better at recognizing them.

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